Natural pension Pumpkin

No meal@plan (Adult and Grade-schooler)

2 bed + Sofa bed room
@@@1 personEEEEEE5900yen
@@@2 personsEEEEE9800yen

4 bed room
@@@3 persons EE17700yen
@@@4 persons EE19600yen

E2 beds + Sofa bed
E2 beds + Sofa bed
E2 beds
4 beds

@Since there is a family bath, please go into inside in order.

@@@i All VIGANj


@Pumpkin is a hotel at which it can stay without a meal.

Vegetarians and Vegans can come here to enjoy all seasons.

Hakuba is in Nagano Prefecture in Japan and is known as one of the most

popular skiing areas.

In spring you can enjoy beautiful fresh green mountain

In summer@you can enjoy mountaineering.

A tree in a mountain turns red and autumn will be the wonderful scenery.