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2・When is it?(いつ?)
3・How many night stays is it?(何泊ですか?)
4・How many people are the adult?(大人は何人ですか?)
5・How many people are the child?(子供は何人ですか?)
6・Please teach the age. (年齢を教えてください)
7・・Please choose. *bed without meal(素泊まり))
         *with meals (dinner and breakfast)(1泊2食)
         *with breakfast(朝食つき)
8・Do you come by car?(車でお越しですか?)
9・How many is it?(何台ですか?)

Misorano hakuba kitaazumigun naganoken

No meal plan (Adult and Grade-schooler)

2 bed + Sofa bed room
   1 person・・・・・・5800yen
   2 persons・・・・・9600yen

4 bed + Extra bed room
   3 persons ・・15900yen
   4 persons ・・19200yen

tatami and a loft room
   3 persons ・・15900yen
   4 persons ・・19200yen

・2 beds + Sofa bed
・2 beds + Sofa bed
・4 beds + Extra bed
・Tatami + loft

Total 4 rooms  

★ There is no bath in the room.
★ Since there is a family bath, please go into inside in order.

☆ Dinner・・・・・・・・1900yen
   (Easy meal 、 All VIGAN)

Natural house Pumpkin

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【B and B】, 【No meals plan】

Pumpkin is an inn of a natural food.

 Pumpkin is a hotel at which it can stay without a meal.

Vegetarians and Vegans can come here to enjoy all seasons.

Hakuba is in Nagano Prefecture in Japan and is known as one of the most

popular skiing areas.

In spring you can enjoy beautiful fresh green mountain

In summer you can enjoy mountaineering.

A tree in a mountain turns red and autumn will be the wonderful scenery.